The Child and Dependent Care Credit

Are you a working parent paying to put your child in daycare? 
If so, did you know there’s a credit for child care expenses that could lower your taxes?

The average annual cost of care for an infant in a child care center in Arizona is $9,993, almost as much as college tuition at a four year college! The Child and Dependent Care Credit (a credit against your federal income taxes) can provide some tax relief for these expenses.


Do Nonprofit Organizations File Tax Return?

shutterstock_139230092   Even though most tax-exempt organizations do not pay federal          taxes, most of them have to file an annual information return,              which is called a Form 990.

   Form 990 is an annual information return required to be filed with      the IRS by most organizations exempt from income tax under              section 501(a), and certain political organizations and nonexempt  

2016 Is it worth it for your business?

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Do all non-profit organizations need to have an audit? What kinds are there?

The term “audit” usually sparks apprehension in us all. Most of us are familiar witshutterstock_462987193h the term from the IRS.  Let’s be honest, none of us “want” to be audited.             However, it’s not always a bad thing.

In actuality, a financial audit most commonly refers to an independent review of an organization’s financial books. Usually conducted annually, it’s really just a part of a reliable checks-and-balances system to make sure everything is in order.