HBL CPAs has expanded!

Our family has expanded! And so did our need for space! As a result of the recent merger, HBL recently underwent a large expansionary renovation to accommodate our growing family. From new ceilings, flooring, a completely gutted kitchen, and completely renovated bathrooms to a whole new 3000+ square foot addition, we’re excited to be settling into our new home.

From late October 2013 until January 2014, our office was, for lack of a better phrase,


2013 Filing Season – Make the Most of the New Individual Deductions and Credits

There are a few new deductions and credits for this tax season, outlined below. In addition, if you’d had any sort of unusual event during the year (marriage/divorce, birth of a child, adoption of a child, new home purchase or refinancing, new job, retirement, etc.) please alert us to your news before we start preparing your return. There are many opportunities related to these types of events that can reduce your tax bill.  

Simplified Home Office Deduction 

Beginning in tax year 2013 (returns filed in 2014),