Using the Right Employee for the Job

What can a business owner do to make sure their employees are up to the task at hand?right employee

Effective management of employees is a balancing act between overseeing every aspect of a job and relinquishing some of the control based on the employees’ capabilities.  So, what can you do?

  • Make sure the employee has the skills to take on the task. Success can only come when your employee has the ability to do the job.


Federal Grants: Subrecipient v. Contractor (Vendor)

How does an organization determine if federal funding is received under a subrecipient vs. contractor (vendor) relationship?

As the controller at a non-profit organization that receives federal grants, have you ever been asked the following question by your auditors, “are you a subrecipient or contractor (vendor) for this contract?” The accurate classification of subrecipients and contractors is critical to a program’s success and integrity. OMB requires subrecipients that meet established expenditure thresholds to obtain a Single Audit,