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Tax Preparation Tucson ArizonaThe tax preparation practice is the largest area of specialty at HBL CPAs. Technical expertise runs the gamut, including, but not limited to individual, partnership, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, estate, gift, trust, information, pension plan, retirement plans, and international tax preparation.

Our experienced professional staff of CPAs and advisors will navigate and apply current tax law as we remain abreast of the developing tax landscape. Our industries of specialty include real estate, healthcare practices, nonprofit organizations, construction, professional services and manufacturing. Federal and state returns have differing nuances, deductions, and credits – our team will assist in optimizing your tax scenario. Our alliance with CPAmerica allows us to reach all other states and worldwide jurisdictions with a simple phone call, enabling a global reach on state and jurisdictional tax matters.

Take advantage of our experienced staff that are local and passionate about providing you with industry leading service right here in Tucson.

Our tax preparation services include, but are not limited to:

Whether you are an individual, jointly filing for your entire family or a small business owner, our local team of tax professionals is here to provide best-in-class service with local experience. We work with you to understand your individual situation and where you can take advantage of your rights as a tax payer. Additionally, we specialize in consulting, which provides an opportunity to find more ways to provide a better tax advantage. If you want to know how the next level of tax support feels like, we invite you to contact us today!

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