Tax Planning & Forecasting

Tax Planning & Forecasting Services Tucson, Arizona

No one likes bad news or unexpected surprises at tax filing time. That is why our firm is committed to year-end tax planning as a crucial proactive component of tax preparation. Planning warrants evaluations prior to the end of the year and an assessment of where your taxes for the year will most likely land. It is important to begin planning prior to the year end, so there is time to take any action to either reduce or defer taxes.

Moving forward, we know there are opportunities presented where changing directions has implications, namely those involving tax. Commonly called “what-if” analysis of business or investment decisions, forecasting helps to evaluate the different options, predict any relevant tax benefits or consequences of making the decisions, and aids in the decision-making process. Let our experienced staff provide you with all of the information you need in order to evaluate your options, so that you can make smart, informed decisions, resulting in short and long-term solutions that are best for your specific situation.

Our tax planning & forecasting services include, but are not limited to: