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Using the Right Employee for the Job

Posted Oct 24, 2015

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What can a business owner do to make sure their employees are up to the task at hand?right employee

Effective management of employees is a balancing act between overseeing every aspect of a job and relinquishing some of the control based on the employees’ capabilities.  So, what can you do?

  • Make sure the employee has the skills to take on the task. Success can only come when your employee has the ability to do the job.
  • Once you determine that your employee has the skills for the job, ask yourself if the employee will need close supervision, some guidance or if you are confident in their ability to take it on independently.
  • Be available and ready to help when necessary. Set regular times when you and the employee can discuss any issues and you will be aware of the progress on the job.  Frequent updates avoid surprises.
  • Communication is key. Be clear about your expectations.  What needs to be done?  What do you expect the result to be?  What is the timeline?
  • Ask your employee to tell you what they heard from you. Sometimes we say one thing that is interpreted by another person as something entirely different.

Delegation is difficult but when you choose the right person for the job, success is the outcome.

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