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General Description of the Position’s Function and Purpose:

The incumbent in this position administers all aspects of the accounting associated with the Biomedical Research and Education Foundation of Southern Arizona (BREFSA).  The incumbent oversees the fiscal responsibilities tied to the projects within BREFSA. The incumbent prepares and presents financial reports to the Financial Management Committee as well as the Board of Directors. The incumbent in conjunction with the Executive director is responsible for the Human Resource functions of BREFSA.

Duties and Responsibilities Accounting Manager:

Knowledge/Skills required of the Accounting Manager:

Account Manager/Finance or a related field with Bookkeeping/Accounting coursework and four years of professional level Bookkeeping/Accounting and human resource experience, or any equivalent combination of experience, training and/or education as approved by the Executive Director.

Benefits: 401K, Health, Dental, Vision, Disability.


Physical Requirements: None

Title of the person to whom this position reports: Executive Director

The incumbent shall work well under pressure, meeting multiple and sometimes competing deadlines.  The incumbent shall at all times demonstrate cooperative behavior with colleagues, supervisors, vendors and customers.

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